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Sinclairs is pleased to partner with Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) to advise new businesses on setting up in the uniquely tax-free environment afforded within this special economic zone. CEC enables companies from across the globe to easily and cost-effectively have a genuine offshore physical presence, complete with office space and staff, and generate active business income that enjoys the Cayman Islands’ 0% corporate tax rate. With the convenience of the East Coast time zone, safe and secure first-world infrastructure and an unparalleled lifestyle, CEC attracts businesses of all sizes and verticals from global industries including: internet and technology, commodities and derivatives, media and marketing, biotechnology and life sciences, and maritime services.


CEC has removed the red tape and financial constraints normally associated with setting up an offshore presence and boasts benefits including: zero corporate tax, no sales or income tax, no import duties, no government reporting or auditing requirements, IP held offshore, 5 year renewable work visas granted for staff in 5 days, and presence in innovative, entrepreneurial technology hub.


Discover more about Cayman’s Special Economic Zone here.


Sinclairs attorneys can answer your questions on Cayman Enterprise City and advise you on the Special Economic Zones Law and our corporate services team can assist you in setting up a company within the zone. Please contact Sarah Dobbyn at  or  Bryce Banks at for more information or contact our offices at 1.345.743.2626.



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