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Ship registration services.


The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is listed as a category 1 registry within the Red Ensign Group.  The Registry is considered first class and rated as one of the top flags inthe world by International Chamber of Shipping. 


The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is white-listed and has qualified for Low Risk status within the Paris and Tokyo Port State Control Memoranda of Understanding and the United States Coast Guard Qualship 21 Programme, meaning considerably less Port State Control Inspections for Cayman-registered vessels.


Shipping companies are establishing in the Cayman Maritime Shipping Park as part of their global tax mitigation and expansion strategy, as cost effectively establishing a genuine physical presence offshore enhances their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  Operating froma tax-neutral base increases profitability, gives access to cheaper capital and therefore increased shareholder value.  


Intellectual Property, such as proprietary ship management software, can be held by your Special Economic Zone Company and licensed internationally from Cayman's tax-neutral platform.


Concessions and reasons for ship owners to establish within Cayman Maritime Services Park


  • The opportunity to establish a substantial onshore presence in one of the world's leading financial services jurisdictions

  • The global strength and recognized quality of the Cayman Islands' flag

  • 100% exempt from corporate tax

  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax

  • 100% exempt from sales tax

  • 100% exempt from income tax

  • 100% exempt from import duties

  • Renewabale five-year work/residency visas granted for staff within 5 days'

  • 3-4 week fast-track set-up of operations

  • Intellectual Property owned offshore

  • No government reporting requirements

  • Strategically located next to North and Latin America and at the crossroads of two of the world's major shipping lanes



For more information please contact Bryce Banks at


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