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The British Virgin Islands achieved Category 1 Red Ensign ship registry status in June 2008, which allows the British Virgin Islands to register ships of unlimited tonnage, type and size.  


We assist with registering of all types of yachts, including mega yachts, super yachts and general cargo ships of unlimited tonnage.  Our services include advising on and assisting with provisional or permanent registration of boats, sales and acquisitions, transfer of ownership and registration of mortgages.  We can speedily incorporate a BVI Business Company to own vessels that are to be registered in the BVI for nationals of other jurisdictions. 


We provide Authorized Representative services to liaise with the Ship Registry on behalf of our clients.  We also assist with ship radio licences and radio, telephone operator licences for your communication needs on your vessel as you cruise through the sparkling waters of your destination.

The Sinclairs Group - Offshore Switched OnTM

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